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The HOBBY RUN Variety Praise Band

is a group of diverse musicians, all Christians, from 20 to 60+ in age. Their music covers a variety of genres, all of which warms the heart.
The initials of the names of the original four groups make up the acronym "HOBBY RUN."


A Familiar Love Song

Book 1

A Hero's Love Song

Book 2

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HOBBY RUN - Band Members

Hillbilly Oldsters    -    Wyatt Ogilvie, Drew Camstock
Big Bass    -    Charles Biggs, Matthew Polo
Young Rockers    -    Samson Cody, Stuart Champion, Ronan Younger
Unit  Nine    -    Amalie Harter, JoJo Lansing, Reynaldo Carter

The Milking Barn

A converted milking barn is the venue where HOBBY RUN most often plays. Located in rural Missouri, just over the Arkansas state line, it is owned and operated by Maggs Marko, the producer and manager of the group. No alcohol is served, and a church meets on the premises on Sunday mornings.

HOBBY RUN BOOKS - Christian books with adult themes that address Christian living in today's world

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